Very Vegan Friendly
Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse – mmmmm, cool summer sammich.
Counter Culture – tasty, entirely vegan.
the Vegan Yacht – all vegan, food cart, downtown.
Koriente – good food, great location. downtown.
The Parlor – VEGAN pizza! Chaos family!
Wheatsville Co-op – co-op grocery store with awesome prepared food.
Arlo’s – all vegan, food truck, parked at Cheer Up Charlies, downtown-ish.

Schmaltz – vegatarian/vegan, food truck, parked next to coffee and books. downtown-ish.

Pretty Vegan Friendly
Curra’s Grill – avocado margaritas.
G’Raj Mahal – indian food, food cart, downtown-ish.
Hot Dog King – vegan dogs, food cart, downtown.

Java Noodle – awesome lunch.
Kebabalicious – falafel, food cart, downtown.
Polvo’s – exotic taco & margaritas.
Ruby’s BBQ – a barbecue restaurant with a
vegetarian menu.
Thai Fresh – grocery, food, vegan ice cream.
East Side King – 3 locations at bars (different menus), some vegan options.

Not So Vegan Friendly – but still delicious
East Side Pies – vegetarian friendly and vegan salad options. pizza.
Franklin Barbecue – worth the wait. there’s always a line.
Frank – Hot Dogs, Cold Beer. some vegetarian options. great brunch, downtown.
Micklethwait Craft Meats – Delicious BBQ. Friend. downtown-ish.
Yellow Jacket Social Club – it’s bar, the food is good, downtown-ish.

downtown = very close to most venues.
downtown-ish = walkable, but give yourself some time.